Valeyard: Where in god’s name did you find that dreadful tie!?

Sparkler: I got lost in your wardrobe for like, a day, remember? I think it looks cute!

[[This is the real ending to that post, by the way.]]

Alright, time to move on to the next blog. 

Don’t worry, it’s all in good hooves now!~

*desu Sparkle*

Everything’s much better without that Dandy around!

Did you expect me to just waste it????

Did you expect me to just waste it????

He never existed, so all the damage he caused will naturally reverse as the Web of Time repairs itself.

Go ahead and send me your questions, I’ll wait patiently!

[[Ask box is open, and a few other things have changed on the blog for our new protagonist! =D ]]

—Connection interrupted due to a temporal anomaly. Please stand by.—

You’re all so cute when you’re angry, I think you’ve made my day that much better!